Welcome to my 108 Proven Split Test Winners Review.  

108 Proven Split Test Winners Review

This book is a Rolodex of 108 Proven Split Test Winners that converts, from which you can select from and apply to your online businesses and sales.

Free copies of 108 Proven Split Test Winners are available. Click here.

Is it possible to predict the approach that got greater sales?

“Buy Now” vs. “Free Trial” – Applying one of these on your site/funnel will result to a 158.6% rise in conversions- in page 10 of the 108 Proven Split test Winners, the solution to this is discussed in details.

When is the right time to pull out your order form? One mistake here can reduce sales up to 44%. To find out which way to go, take a look at page 11 of the 108 Proven Split test Winners.

Are you aware that locating the “Add to Cart” button wrongly on your website/funnel can result to an incredible 38%  increase in sales……Curious about what this means? Page 12 of 108 Proven Split Test Winners provides you with the necessary information to make the most of this.

To include Animated or Static headlines………The implementation of one of these on your website/funnel brings down the conversions by 29%, you don’t want this to happen! Page 22 of 108 Proven Split Winners will help address this issue, as well as guide you to making the right decisions concerning this.

Using a Long copy vs Video Sales Letter – one of these two effectively gets your business up, and the second does otherwise. Going with the right option results in a jump in the sales percentage of your business. Pages 33 and 34 of 108 Proven Split Winners explains this better!

Thinking about the length of your trial period? Confused about setting it at 7 or 30 days, or the number of days that will be the most effective? Integrating one of these into your site increases conversions to almost 110% which results in valuable profit- unaware of the one to go with? Page 78 of 108 Proven Split Test Winners thoroughly explains it.

Free trials vary. Should your free trial request credit card information or not? There’s a huge chance of getting up to 50% of your free trial members to convert to paid customers, if the right choice is made. Are you looking to increase your customers by 50%? If so, page 78 of 108 Proven Split Winners is based on this subject.

This is an insight to the information that will be made available as soon as you order your 108 Proven Split Test free copy.

This information is highly valuable, and can help your business grow incredibly, as well as increase conversions in sales if you carefully select and modify them to fit the nature of your site/funnel.

108 Proven Split Test Winners Review


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